Dinner For One / Dinner For One, Too - Elize Cawood - South African DVD *New* View larger

DINNER FOR ONE / DINNER FOR ONE, TWO - Elize Cawood - South African DVD *New*


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Title: Dinner For One / Dinner For One, Too
Artist/Stars: Wilson Dunster, Elize Cawood
Contents: Our intentions with doing a second version (or spoof) of Dinner for One have been firstly, to set ourselves a different challenge by reversing the roles i.o.w. for Wilson to play Miss Sophie, and for Elize to play the butler, James, without turning it into a Drag-show. Secondly, we wanted to South Africanise it, and thirdly, we wanted to have a really good time doing it. The plot is identical it remains a slapstick jol. The classic version is so well-known, the audience knows exactly what to expect, but with Dinner for One Too weve played around a bit and taken some liberties.


Working on 'Dinner for One Too' was an enormous challenge and pleasure from start to finish. Without diverting from the original script, we set out to recreate the classic version of Dinner for One, by setting it locally and giving it a true South African flavour. The reversal of the roles - Elize Cawood portraying James, the 'plaasjapie' and Wilson Dunster playing the 'English Lady' - in itself demanded a constant re-think and re-evalution of the characterisations.With the virtuoso talents of both Elize and Wilson, I believe we as a team have created a new, fresh and credible spoof that could be as popular as the original. Constant fun was had by all.

Studio:     Next Music
Country of origin:     South Africa
Release date:     October 2010
Dimensions:     192 x 137 x 15mm (L x W x T)
Format:     DVD
Country: South Africa
Region Code:
Region 0 / All Zones

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DINNER FOR ONE / DINNER FOR ONE, TWO - Elize Cawood - South African DVD *New*

DINNER FOR ONE / DINNER FOR ONE, TWO - Elize Cawood - South African DVD *New*

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