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LEON SCHUSTER - Sweet n Short / Panic Mechanic / Zulu on My Stoep - South African DVD Boxset *New*


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Title: Sweet 'n Short / Panic Mechanic / There's A Zulu on my Stoep
Artist/Stars: Leon Schuster
Contents: Sweet 'n Short

This hilarious new Leon Schuster film takes place in the "New South Africa" - a country so topsy-turvy you might even recognise it! 

Schuster plays Sweet Coetzee a TV Sports Commentator who goes on the ultimate "trip" and Afred Ntombela plays Short - his pint-size black sidekick.

Language:  English/Afrikaans
Running Time: 89 mins

Panic Mechanic

When Hanky Pranky (alias Schucks), star of a candid camera TV show, loses his job to affirmative action, he applies for a job at a stress academy. It´s not long before Schucks discovers his new boss, Jack Paddaman, is as crooked as they come, but it´s too late: the employment contract is signed and sealed.A year passes, and Schucks is no better off. However, his candid camera videos, which poke fun at all sectors of post-1994 South Africa, prove a big hit with stressed-out government ministers. When the president asks Paddaman to make a movie to benefit street children, Schucks and his pals do all the hard work while Paddaman plans how he can get hold of the profits from the video sales. Add a scatterbrained secretary, a lovelorn traffic cop and a cunning street child and you have a roll-in-the aisles comedy with a distinctly South African flavour.

Language:  English/Afrikaans
Running Time: 101 mins

There's a Zulu on my Stoep

This comedy about prejudice and restoring old friendships begins in the old South Africa of 1967. Rhino and Zulu are best friends until an American girl called Rowena separates them. Zulu goes to America, Rhino remains on the family game farm. Zulu returns 25 years later, with a prison record and an American accent. The two old friends meet and, with Rhino’s adopted black daughter, Tienkie, travel

to a casino resort. They have a stolen scratch card that could win them R500 000. Rhino and Zulu try to elude the card’s rightful owners, a nasty Nazi called Diehard and his mistress Rowena (the same Rowena), while Tienkie makes a new friend, young Prince William. Rhino and Zulu get a make-over which allows them to experience what it is like to be each other. Diehard eventually catches up with the two, but the children – and a lovesick elephant – come to the rescue.

Language:  English/Afrikaans
Running Time: 92 mins
Country: South Africa
Region Code:
Region 2

Please make sure you are able to view this region DVD before purchase - we are unable to offer a refund if the incorrect Region DVD is purchased.
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LEON SCHUSTER - Sweet n Short / Panic Mechanic / Zulu on My Stoep - South African DVD Boxset *New*

LEON SCHUSTER - Sweet n Short / Panic Mechanic / Zulu on My Stoep - South African DVD Boxset *New*

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