Romanz, were catapulted to success after a live performance in their homeland in 2008. Since then their albums have reached gold, platinum and double platinum status. Winning every prestigious music award on offer since their inception, they have been awarded Best Newcomers, Best Video, Best Song, and Best Group at the SAMA’s.

Romanz inject a fresh, unique sound to their original songs as well as some classic standards. Coupling devilish boy band good looks and musical versatility, they are all classically trained, offering a full, rich, romantic blend of impeccable vocals, lush harmonies and a huge dramatic soundscape courtesy of master re-mixer Ash Howes. Romanz consists of four hugely talented young singers: Burgerd (Adriaan) Botha brings the contemporary pop sound to the group. Christopher Lee Viljoen, who is the youngest and most recent member, is the tenor with a vocal range of three octaves plus an impressive pure falsetto. Adam Barnard is a lyrical baritone who adds a softness and sensitivity to the lyrics and André Venter is a bass baritone who performs with a wonderful sense of passion and emotional intensity.

The release of their debut International album has been preceded by some highly prestigious performances including Romanz being invited to sing at the Wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock in Monaco last year, alongside Andrea Bocelli. They have toured extensively, including supporting Katherine Jenkins, and she has again invited them to be her special guests on her South African tour this year. They have become one of the country’s most popular live acts with their dynamic shows, recently selling out a seven thousand seater arena.

Now Romanz are ready to bring the African Dream to Europe. All four members of the group grew up in the era following the release from prison of Nelson Mandela, which has seen monumental changes in the country. Romanz have been hugely influenced by Mandela’s philosophy of peace and reconciliation and many of the songs on the album reflect their belief that love is both healing and redemptive. The country is brimming with confidence and once again as members of the Commonwealth, they are back on the world stage in every way. Its citizens are enjoying opportunities, both sporting and cultural, denied to them during nearly fifty years in the wilderness. Romanz are determined to play their part in the South African reawakening.


Current Members:

    André Venter (2008-2014)
    Burgend Botha (2008-2014)
    Adam Barnard (2008-2014)
    Christopher Lee Viljoen (2012-2014)

Past Members:

    Louis Loock (2008-2012)


Studio albums

    2009: My Hele Hart (debut album)
    2009: Bly Getrou
    2010: Ek Sal Getuig
    2011: 'N Duisend Drome
    2012: Hou Vas
    2012: With All My Heart
    2013: Lig Jou Stem Op

Live albums

    2010: Treffers Live (CD)
    2011: Ek Sal Getuig 'Live' CD


    2010: Treffers Live (DVD)
    2011: Ek Sal Getuig 'Live' DVD