International Orders

Registered Airmail takes 2 to 5 weeks to most international locations. Germany can take up to 8 weeks. (Online tracking is unfortunately not available ***).

EMS Packages take approximately 7 to 10 working days to most international locations. (Online tracking is available)

South African Orders

Packages get sent via normal Parcel Rate (Online tracking is available **)

Parcel mail takes approximately 7 working days to arrive.


Postnet courier service (Online tracking is available **)

Parcel takes approximately 4 working days to arrive.

*** Please note online tracking is not available for international mail. If the package does not arrive within allotted time frame you will need to contact your post office to request them to trace the package for you.

** Please note online tracking of local mail is self service and can be done on the SAPO's web site.

We mail our items twice a week (Monday to Friday) and usually within 3 business days of receiving cleared payment.